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Print 13, Chicago、2013/09/08

Harlequin celebrates 25 years of software innovation at Print 13

At Print 13 Global Graphics Software, the developers of the Harlequin RIP®, are marking the 25th anniversary of this versatile print engine that continues to dominate the world’s commercial and newspaper production.

In 1988 Version 1.0 of the Harlequin RIP first shipped as a PostScript® Level 1 compatible RIP. Twenty-five years later, at Print 13, Global Graphics is showing Version 10.0, the Harlequin MultiRIP, so-called because multi-threading is one of its new features that has resulted in significant speed gains to improve print shop throughput.

Helps print shops grow into digital production profitably

Version 10.0 of the Harlequin RIP has been developed specifically to enable print shops to grow out into digital print or to expand into digital marketing. It introduces major new features that speed up the processing of PDF/VT and increase the rate that pages are fed to the press for significant productivity gains. It’s the ideal print engine to drive short run digital presses profitably alongside CtP.

In 1991 Michigan-based Xitron became one of the earliest customers to licence the Harlequin RIP and is still a very active partner today. Eric Nelsen, Xitron director of product development says. “Harlequin is at the core of what we do. We have created interfaces to Harlequin that can drive around 350 different printing and proofing devices. Today, of course, it’s not just about making plates anymore and we see our customers growing into digital print where they need Harlequin’s speed to feed pages quickly to the device.”

In 2013 Cambridge UK-based Global Inkjet Systems (GIS) licensed Harlequin technology to offer the speed and performance needed to meet the requirements of certain customers in labelling, packaging and book printing-type applications. “ Being able to offer the option of the Harlequin products as part of the uniti™ Operating System significantly enhances what we can provide to customers with demanding applications.” Says Nick Geddes, CEO.

A history of innovation

In its lifetime the Harlequin RIP has notched up a number of firsts that have helped print shops to get more out of their presses:

  • In 1997 native PDF rendering is first introduced along with in-RIP trapping. In the same year the Harlequin RIP scoops a number of industry awards;
  • In 2002 Version 6.0 introduces support for live transparency in PDF files, eliminating the need to flatten files;
  • In 2007 Harlequin’s Font Emulation feature wins a 2007 PIA/GATF Intertech™ Technology award;
  • In 2009 Harlequin is the first RIP to be PDF/VT ready and compliant with the PDF/VT standard;
  • In 2012 RIT measures the Harlequin RIP against a series of independently generated test files and finds that it can deliver pages far in excess of the industry’s highest performing digital presses meaning that print shops can drive a wide variety of devices at full speed only stopping for scheduled maintenance.

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Hear what Harlequin customers say about Harlequin technology and the achievement of celebrating 25 years at including: Eric Nelsen, Director of Product Development, Xitron; Andy Grant, Global Director of Software, Agfa; Nick Geddes, CEO, Global Inkjet Systems; Sharon Donovich, HP SmartStream Production Pro Print Server, Product Manager.

Come to the anniversary party at Print 13.

Journalists are invited to attend a party to celebrate 25 years of the Harlequin RIP. It will take place on Tuesday September 10th from 4pm until 6pm, on the show floor in reception area 3. Entertainment will be provided by award-winning magician Dennis Watkins and Brad Hagen of the Broadway and New York comedy clubs and the son of Global Graphics VP of Print Sales, Paul Hagen. Register here: