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ケンブリッジ (英国)、2012/05/22

Canon EDICOLOR powered by Jaws

Global Graphics‘ Jaws RIP and PDF technology remain at the heart of version 10 of Canon IT Solutions’ EDICOLOR page-layout application launched today.

EDICOLOR, which now supports the eBook file format ePUB 3.0, is used extensively by creative professionals in the printing, publishing and newspaper industry in Japan.

With this launch Canon is looking to extend the product to entry level users who need the EDICOLOR layout software to design pages for mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, by offering it at a substantially discounted price for a limited period.

Global Graphics and Canon worked closely together to maximise the cost and performance benefit of the new version.

Jaws RIP and PDF technology makes it possible for EDICOLOR users to create and print PDF files directly from within the application without the need to purchase a third party PDF creation tool. Jaws technology also enables users to make high-precision adjustment to page layouts by displaying high-resolution EPS images on screen.

Canon IT Solutions require high-quality PDF input/output with a fast processing speed: EDICOLOR’s image processing and print output engines are both based on PostScript® and because EDICOLOR users create PDF destined for professional printing it is essential that the PDF creation process does not lose the CMYK data attributes in the PostScript data.

Global Graphics has been working with Canon IT Solutions since 2005 when Canon chose to use the Jaws PDF technology for PDF creation because in performance tests they found its speed was faster than any other PDF creation tool. The high-quality of the PDF file was also a key factor.