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ケンブリッジ (英国)、2012/07/18

Global Graphics broadens relationship with HP

The Harlequin RIP has been chosen by HP to drive the new range of HP Print Module Solutions, expanding Global Graphics’ strategic relationship with HP under which the company currently supplies the RIP technologies to drive the HP Indigo range as well as the HP inkjet web press range.

The HP M500, C500, M800, and C800 Print Module Systems are designed for easy integration into conventional analogue presses and finishing lines. They enable print service providers to place digital content precisely where they need it in the workflow by imprinting variable data onto partially printed templates produced on offset devices.

“The Print Module systems help our customers do work inexpensively and produce more effective campaigns”, comments Holt Mebane, distinguished technologist at HP Graphics Solutions Business. “If you’ve got a long run with a small amount of variable data it’s cost-effective to use a hybrid system and in doing so you also gain by extending the life of your analogue press.

“The speed of the RIP driving the system is extremely important so choosing Harlequin was an easy decision. The RIP speed needs to outperform the speed of the press to maximize the efficiency by removing time waiting for jobs to become ready for printing. The performance and scalability of the Harlequin RIP technology provides the perfect solution to this challenge.

”We’ve found another advantage of choosing Harlequin is the color fidelity achieved with the in-RIP color management, which is especially important for printing logos.”

The Harlequin RIP is scalable so when print service providers decide to add more print modules and want more power they can add more RIPs. Expansion packs can take print service providers from an entry level system where the RIPs run on either a PC tower or a rack mounted server.

The HP C800 Print Module System was shown on the HP stand at drupa printing full color, variable data duplex at 244m/800ft per minute onto pre-printed templates produced on an offset press.

HP Print Module systems can be placed in-line or off-line, wherever is most convenient for the print service provider’s workflow. For example in roll to roll they can be placed just ahead of finishing at the end of the line by locating the output roll slightly further down the line.