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ケンブリッジ (英国)、2011/09/02

Global Graphics wins new contract with Fuji Xerox

Global Graphics (NYSE- Euronext: GLOG) has won a new contract from Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. to supply a white label version of its gDoc PDF creator for the DocuWorks document handling software. DocuWorks has shipped to three million users in Japan and more than 350,000 users mostly in the Asia Pacific area. Global Graphics is a leading developer of OEM and white label software used in printing and electronic document solutions. Fuji Xerox is a 75-25 joint venture between FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation and Xerox Corporation.

Office workers use DocuWorks to manage documents created by different applications and in different formats, including paper, by scanning them into the DocuWorks format. By clicking on documents that are displayed as thumbnails, users can view, bundle or unbundle them on a PC as easily as handling paper documents on a desk. The PDF creator enables them to convert their files into industry standard PDF for sharing or archiving.

"We are very pleased with the collaboration and support we received from Global Graphics on this project”, says Tatsuya Miyashita, general manager, Solution & Software Development Planning Solution Group of Fuji Xerox. “We have a demanding release cycle and the DocuWorks PDF creator was required in seven languages as well as 32 and 64 bit versions. Our engineers worked closely with Global Graphics engineers to bring the project to completion in only six months. That is an exceptional achievement."

Yoshiyuki Hagiwara, Global Graphics’ director of technology says “this contract represents a continued strengthening of the relationship between Global Graphics and Fuji Xerox which began in 2004. We are very pleased and honored that Fuji Xerox has chosen to use our gDoc PDF Creator technology.”

Global Graphics supplied the PDF creator in Japanese, simplified and traditional Chinese, Korean, Thai, French and English on five Windows platforms and won the contract from an existing supplier. Fuji Xerox chose to partner with Global Graphics because they required high quality PDF conversion and an improved level of technical support. They also needed to be confident that their supplier would work with them to develop the capabilities of the product such as expanding operating system support in future versions.

Global Graphics has been providing PDF editing technology to Fuji Xerox since 2004, and provided the initial engineering expertise and consultancy that allowed preview, display, zoom, annotate and search in the first DocuWorks release. Last year Global Graphics extended its contract with Fuji Xerox to license its PDF editor for the downloadable version of DocuWorks aimed at small and medium sized businesses.