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ケンブリッジ (英国)、2012/05/31

Speechly Bircham rolls out electronic binder for matter review and closing bibles

City law firm Speechly Bircham has licensed Global Graphics gDoc Binder software to facilitate electronic matter review and file tracking. gDoc Binder, which is an electronic version of a paper binder, will be rolled out to 100 fee earners next month in phase 1 of a project that is being implemented by software development firm, RBRO Solutions, and should see Robert Cohen, Speechly’s IT director, begin to realise his vision of making easy to use software available to legal practitioners who typically face a limited choice of products. RBRO Solutions was instrumental in developing key integrations between Speechly's Document Management System and gDoc Binder to create a customized version of gDoc Binder, RBRO Binder Professional.

“Reviewing an entire matter electronically has been difficult” says Cohen. “Most electronic document management systems have their emphasis on data imputing and not review yet fee earners are expected to keep control of every item coming in and out of an electronic file. All law firms have an obligation to ensure matter files are complete. So an efficient method of file review is an important consideration for legal firms today, especially when so many different types of information can be involved in cases, including scanned information, emails, documents, faxes, financial information and more.

“gDoc Binder makes it easy to review and track an entire matter in a completely natural way because it is based on the familiar paper binder concept that has worked in the legal sector for centuries. I’ve been looking for an electronic file that you can flick through and mark up for years but there’s been nothing available until now.”

gDoc Binder is an electronic binder with tabs to sub-divide information and an index that automatically updates as documents are added. Documents that originate in many different formats can be brought together and organized into the binder and sticky notes and annotations can be added. Content can be secured with 256-bit AES encryption and digitally signed. Binders can be used off-line as a mobile and secure package giving legal teams greater flexibility when collaborating on projects especially when travelling or working from home.

“To be most productive you need an easy to digest format and this is especially so when you are travelling. says Cohen, “ With Binder you can work on files on the airplane or train on your mobile device and then connect your updates back with the office for your team to act on your instructions. I’m looking forward to a reduction in IT support calls because watching people using Binder is rather like giving someone an iPad for the first time, they instinctively know what to do.”

In the Speechly Bircham binder legal teams can launch Office applications from any point within the binder to draft memos or other correspondence, without losing their place in the binder.

In Phase 2 of the project, Cohen is aiming to add other features such as the ability to attach a dictation file to the binder.